Congrats to the incoming 2014 class of our legendary Summer High School program! Please be on the lookout for a special welcome email full of important details coming to your inbox next week :-)

We are wishing ALL of our applicants to the Summer High School program the very best of LUCK!

What is the Tisch Summer High School Program with the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music really like? We talked to program alumnae Lea Serres and faculty member Marat Berenstein to find out.

High school students! Who’s ready for an “unorthodox” summer? Spend the summer of 2014 with us at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Summer High School Program at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU!

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When Clive Davis Institute students put on a dope showcase

Check out this all ages show!


Congrats to Summer High School class of 2013 alum Nick Cianci for landing the feature in the November issue of Guitar Center’s Buyer’s Guide under the caption of “Tomorrow’s Guitar Heroes!”



Spread the word! Future Music Moguls 2014 is coming up and we’re looking for the next crop of talented music entrepreneurs for our Spring 2014 Free Saturday Workshop! If you know of any fantastic, local high school students, send them our way!

There’s an Open House for interested students Saturday, 9/21, from 12:30pm-1:30pm, and they can RSVP Here.

Our deadline for applications is October 15th. More info can be found at

If you’re in the NY area and would like to learn about the music business this spring at NYU for FREE, please check out Future Music Moguls.

I can’t begin to even talk about everything I learned and experienced at NYU over the past month. If I did, needless to say this post would go on and on, most likely finishing with the lyrics of some random, heartwrenching ballad about how “this isn’t the end”. So to avoid that fate, i’ll stick with discussing the tangible things I discovered at my time in NY, most importantly, the incredible people I met. All of you, the students, the TA’s, the teachers and the staff were some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Not just for the fact that you were all so open with me and eachother, but simply for the fact that you were all so confident with who you are or were or will be, which was incredibly refreshing and all around amazing for me to se/be surrouded with for the short amount of time I was. So thank you for that. 

Also the knowledge I was blessed with over this month was something truely special. One of my life mottos is that “everyone knows something you don’t… so learn from them” and i can honestly say that I learned so much from all of you. Weather it be in Bo’s class, learning about LFO’s, Lauren’s class, learning about how to handle yourself in a buisness atmosphere or Marat’s class, leanring about the tangible things behind the industry, you were never bored and always engaged. Not only because of the classes, but because all the teachers were incredible individuals who taught us things not just from an adgenda, but from just being. 

And I feel the same about all of you. Some of you might have already gone back to your daily lives and school and friends and been caught up in it all, God knows I have, but for the few of you that will see this, I want to thank you for that. Even if we barely talked or even if we talked everyday, thank you for just being. All of you were some of the most beautiful people i’ve ever met, by just being who you are. Don’t lose that. 

So even though this is the end of my post, I don’t think farewell would be the right word to say because “farewell” is so final. It means whatever this was, is over. Which in my mind, is the exact opposite of what this was. Weather I will see some of you again, or weather this has been the end of whatever time we were ment to spend together, you have all left something with me that I can’t say Farewell to. 

So I guess i’ll just leave this with a simple, see you soon. because honestly, that’s the only thing that I can say. 

- Zoe (Wrenn) Mirkovich

REMU Summer HS, 2013

Hello fellow mates;
Teachers, colleges, TAs..
Thank you for a wonderful time at NYU.

I’m not sure where to begin.
I had been waiting for this opportunity all year, and it’s came and gone in just 4 weeks.. Flew by just like that. I have met so many people, experienced so many things, learned so much more than I expected. This was an opportunity of a lifetime.. And I’m so glad I took it up.

The Clive Davis institute taught me so much..
“Make sure you are getting the correct royalties for everything you make.” - Lauren Davis
“Use proper hashtags!”.. “Parents are not qualified managers!” -with a smile of course, Marat Berenstien ,
“Please, use auto tune before you EQ.” - Bo pereic

I also learned how important it is to work in a group setting, even though you may mot see eye to eye.. don’t worry, young Jedi because, the force is with the group. My group certainly pulled through, I think we came up with something really great that I’m super proud of plus I made some really awesome friends working aside them.

The speakers were amazing. My favorites had to be Andrea Martin and Vivien Goldman. They were both was super funny and energetic. Both had accomplished so much and seen everything. Their stories were very inspiring. 

Btw, I got to see Beyonce.. And Jay Z so that doesn’t hurt :)

This was an awesome summer and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I made some really good friends, and learned so many things.. I just can’t believe I’m really back in Texas, but don’t you worry NYC… I will return!

xxx tayloralex