This time four weeks ago we were finishing our first days of classes, all still in that shy, awkward phase where you don’t really know each other. I had sat through five hours of classes that felt like five minutes. I had eaten at the delicious Max Brenners with some new friends. I was getting ready for my first jam session. Now I’m sitting in my room with new memories, friends, and experiences that I will never forget. I feel like the past four weeks have been a dream because there is no way I could have lived through the most amazing four weeks of my life and come back home to find that nobody else’s life here has been drastically changed for the better.

Like others, everyone at home is asking ‘How was New York?’. And I am at a loss for words. At first I tried to explain how amazing and life changing it was, but people’s response is always something like ‘Well that’s great! I’m glad you had a good time!’ and I know they don’t understand. It wasn’t great; it was phenomenal. I didn’t have a good time; I had the best time of my life. Never before have I been surrounded by people so similar yet so different from myself. We all shared our passion for music and knew we have to do something with music in our futures but none of us wanted to do the exact same thing and achieve it in the exact same way. As Lauren said, we have become a family and no matter which path we each choose to continue on, I know that I will never forget any of you.

To Lauren, Bo, Marat, John Pirretti FTS, and Alan: For starters, thank you for accepting me into this program. Thank you for giving me a chance, and thank you for providing us with opportunities that I never could have imagined I would have. Thank you for loving us and believing in us. Coming into the program, I was a little nervous about the classes. I can barely sit through a 45 minute class at school, let alone a three hour class. But after my first music business class with Lauren, I realized that it would be no problem. I realized that I loved learning what you taught, and that made all classes feel like they were no longer than a couple minutes. Along with the classes, just the sheer volume of events and opportunities you gave to us was insane. I can only imagine how much work you put into creating this amazing summer for us, so I want to thank you for that because it all paid off. Bo, thank you for the skype sessions and giving me your one-on-one attention. Because of it, I feel like I have a more solid understanding of production, along with everything you taught us in class. Thank you for making me smile and laugh every day and just being the most amazing teachers a student could ask for.

To the TAs: Wow. Can I just say I hope I can be awesome as all of you one day? You are all my role models for what I hope I can do someday when I go to college, no matter where I end up going. Thank you for taking the time to explain concepts to me that I didn’t fully understand. Thank you for also just being our friends. You made this whole experience so much better with your advice and humor. You are all like the older siblings who I would never imagine I could have. You taught me about the music industry but also just about what it means to be a great person. I know it probably isn’t easy to watch over 34 teenagers, but all of you spent your summer doing just that. Thank you for doing that because my summer would not have been the same without all of you.

To all my peers: Within the first few days of the program, I was starstruck. Not because I saw any celebrities or anything (which I never did throughout the entire program) but because all of you are so incredibly talented. I have never been surrounded by such accomplished people my age before this program. Each and every one of you inspired me to give my all and to work my hardest because none of you deserved anything less than perfect. I was so nervous before the program started about how the other kids would be. But the reality of how awesome you are blew any expectation I could’ve dreamed of out of the water. You are the nicest, kindest, coolest, most talented people I have ever met. Thank you for making my experience better than I ever could have imagined. Since coming home, I have shown some of my friends the music you have created, telling them I discovered some great new band. They are all amazed and want to buy it and their faces are priceless when I tell them my peers made it. It just shows how crazy talented each and every one of you are, and I love you all for it.

So as this post comes to a close, I just want to say thank you again for gifting me with the best summer of my life. While most of us were crying or felt like crying on Friday, we’ve got to remember this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you soon. Because as we learned, the music industry is small and we will all meet up again someday in the future. I love you all, and keep on being awesome.

It’s been two days since I left NYU and my friends are already sick of me talking about the past four weeks. I have never had an experience like this summer, and it breaks my heart that it is over. After spending a summer surrounded by people who are passionate about music, it seems impossible to go back to real life. More than anything, that is what I miss most; all of you and the collaborative and immersive experience we shared. 

I am so grateful for all of you at Clive. There was not a moment at ReMu that I didn’t feel like I was learning. Inside of the classroom and out, you were all teaching me. The abundance and variety of talent among my teachers, TA’s, and peers inspired me and pushed me to move my education and career further. I truly feel that I grew more in these four weeks than I normally would over the course of an entire year.

Now that I am home, all I can think about is music, and not how I used to. I think about what I can do, how I can make an impact. My priorities have shifted and I know longer find myself concerned with the same things that I used to. All that is really on my mind is how I can extend the feeling of accomplishment and motivation that I felt this summer as a result of this program.

Thank you all for the best experience of my life and I hope to work with a lot of you in the future

These past four weeks have been amazing. All these incredible experiences with these great people. There was never a dull moment in these four weeks. Coming into the program, I was the really shy guy who would never speak unless spoken to. I remember that I was nervous on the first day because they stressed that we would have a lot of work over the next four weeks. Looking back I can see that it wasn’t too bad.

There are so many memories that I can recall, many of which I will never forget. I remember the homeless man that wanted to chop us to pieces with a samurai sword during the lemonade challenge, taking naps during lunch time because I stayed up a little later than I should have the night before, jam time with all the ridiculously talented people, and so much more.

It’s really sad that after I’ve gotten so close to a lot of you the program ends. You guys are like family to me now, including the TAs and teachers. To the staff, I want to thank you all for supporting me and giving confidence in who I was and what I was capable of doing. To all my Remu family, know that I love and miss you guys. We’ll keep in touch. Farewell

-Just Dayne

I’ve rewritten the first sentence of this post about twelve times now because I honestly have no clue how to write this. It’s kind of already been established that I am terrible with emotions and goodbyes, and that’s why I bawled through 98% of the final presentations and had to walk around with a box of tissues. I’m really struggling with this but here we go.

I never expected that I would get so attached to a group of people in just four weeks, but I love all of you guys so much it’s insane. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than all of you, and I’m so glad to call you all my family. (I’m trying so hard not to cry writing this.) I walked into Weinstein a month ago worried about how much work we were going to get and angry about the fact that I had to do homework over the summer and now looking back, I can’t believe I was worried about that at all. None of what we did seemed like work and I felt like that’s where I was supposed to be and what I was meant to be doing. Especially my Mary Had a Little Lamb medieval lute sub-bass Marvin Gaye masterpiece.

This has been all over the place and I’m crying now and struggling to put all of this in words and it’s 2:04 now because I’ve been writing this since Friday, essentially so I’m going to wrap up this pathetic attempt at a goodbye and just say thank you. Thank you to all of professors and TA’s putting up with my crap (like accidentally calling myself a squirrel) and thank you to all of my classmates (family) for being so wonderful and talented and I hope all of you continue to work hard and I can’t wait to hear all the music you all make and share with the world. I love you all more than I love dogs, and that’s saying something. And as cliche as this may sound, this isn’t goodbye.

And with that,
see you all later.

As cheesy as it sounds, I remember walking into Weinstein with all my luggage like it was yesterday. I was extremely excited to be in New York, developing myself as an artist while being surrounded with individuals who held the same passion, motivation, and desire. However, I could not have been more scared in my entire life. Knowing that I was going to be surrounded by some of the most talented and elite musical figures in the music industry intimated me. I’ve been writing lyrics for years, but never was an active artist until just a year and a half ago. I entered the program with motivation to learn and hoping I would learn something new every day; the program did exactly that. Everyday I was surrounded by hungry individuals fighting for similar dreams. Being taught by highly educated college professors that would take my artistry to the next level amazed me. I could not have expected this month to be more impacting than it was. It’s crazy to think that in one short month I have changed as an individual and an artist as much as I have.

The first week was a huge jaw dropper. Right from the beginning I already felt so united with my class mates. Everyone was very nice and I felt so comfortable to be myself around them. Just from these relationships I knew that the experiences I was about to experience were going to change my life. I had never been around people who shared the same passion and drive as me. After touring the campus and meeting everyone we had met with all the staff at Meisner put me over the edge; huge figures of the music industry staring at me in the eyes scared me out of my mind. Then the shock began to hit when Pharell was on the screen talking to us directly, wishing us a good month at the program. This was crazy to know that the Clive staff had set this video to be shown to us the first day. That’s when I really realized how lucky we were to have been accepted to the summer program. My classes right from the get-go were engaging and I was already learning so much within the first week from Lauren, Marat, Bo, the TA’s, and all the students. I think the most impacting event that happened the first week was meeting my group. I was put with four individuals that all had great skill and abilities and I was beyond excited to work with them and create something amazing. I could tell the month was going to be hard work but I was determined to give everything that I had.
 The second week came too rapidly. I could not believe how quick the first week had passed through and I began to understand that I had to take every minute of the day and make sure I was using it efficiently. I really learned time management over this week and I began to realize how to complete goals within a timely fashion. This week I began to really connect with my group and all the other students. Jam time was epic and I began to realize how badly I wanted to collaborate with each and every one of them after the program. This might have been my favorite week of the month because I made some of the strongest relationships I have ever made. I began to understand that in order to be a better artist and obtain happiness, I need to surround myself with people as hungry and passionate as I am. 
The third week came as quickly as the first two weeks passed. It began to hit me that the program was almost over and that it was crunch time to get our group projects done. My group and I began to understand that we really needed to put in the work, which meant some late nights, staying up till four in the morning to work on lyrics, production, etc. I could tell that our final project was coming together and I was excited to present it when the fourth week came.

By the time the fourth week had come it was a very emotional time for all of us. I did not want to leave, the memories that we made together were so special and I just could not imagine going back to my town where no one cares about music. I was changed forever and I know now that what I need to do to be more successful than I ever was. As the final presentation date rolled in, it really hit me hard. I was put with four individuals who pushed me to be better and our connection that we made was indescribable. We put our very beings into our project and in the end we made something amazing. I could have not been more thrilled to work with them; they changed my life in the way that I work. The program pushed and showed me what I needed to do to be better and I can not thank everyone enough for the amazing experiences you gave me and opportunity I was given.

The program was only a month, but I learned incredible things that will stay with me forever. That is why I was in tears our last day, because I had become family with those that I met only a month ago and I could never imagine leaving them. We made memories together and learned as a whole how we can be better and each and every one of you taught me new things everyday. I still have much to learn about the industry but you have given me the tools I need to discover who I am as an artist and what I need to do to take that first step. That’s what it is all about; it’s about being surrounded with people who make you better every single day. We are family now and like I said at out last day, this is not the end. No matter if we get into the program or not we are still sharing the passion for music. As seen, we can create some amazing things and it is up to us to make sure to never give up our passions. I believe in all those who joined me in the program and I could have never knew I was going to be put with some of the most amazing people ever.

Thank you Lauren, Marat, Alan, Bo, the TA’s, and all the workshop professors for giving their time to make us all better. You have changed my life and I promise that I will use every piece of knowledge you threw at me. Thank you, I love all of you, let’s keep doing what we do best!


As I sit here in a cozy little café back home, suitably caffeinated so as to beat my jet lag, I think back on the past month and I wonder if it all really happened. Did I really just spend it in NYC? And with the most amazingly talented, passionate people I could ever possibly have met, nonetheless. I could have started off my final post by waxing poetic about the city, but the truth is, the city and my experience there would not have been as incredible as it was without you crazy wonderful bunch of people.

On Saturday, when I was wandering around Terminal 7 of JFK alone, was when it all truly hit me. ReMu SHS 2014 may be over, but our experiences and memories are forever. Really, I can’t thank you all enough for everything. And though the word everything may be vague, I really do mean everything, and I’m so jet lagged I can’t think of a better word to use.

Bo, Lauren and Marat: thank you for imparting the wealth of your knowledge to us; Alan, Brianne and John Pirretti FTS: for putting up with our antics and taking care of all the crazy logistical issues; Lea, Mike, Noah, Sabrina, Sedona and Topaz: for being the best TAs we could ever have hoped for; Claire, Kelley and Andrew for being the best group ever; and of course, everyone else for being you. Never let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams, and never stop being the amazing individuals that you all are.

The definition of the word farewell is the act of parting good wishes. I wish nothing but the best for everyone. But farewell is by no means goodbye. I’ll be back, NYC. You can count on it.

say hello
then say farewell
to the places you know
we are all mortals aren’t we
any moment this could go
cry cry cry even though
that won’t change a thing
but you should know
you should hear
that i have loved
i have loved the good times here
and i will miss
our good times here

strawberry swing — frank ocean

Coming into the program, I was unaware of what exactly I was going to get. I knew that I was interested in the music business, and had a passion for production. Now that I have finished the program it has become easier to pinpoint what my passions are and what I want to continue to pursue. A lot of young adults, including myself believe that they “know everything”; However, I learned more than I could have imagined from such amazing personable teachers, that I’d like to call my friends. I learned about contracts, licensing, copyright, trademarks, managers, publicists, agents, producers, and much, much more. I I want to thank all the TA’s, staff, and fellow students for making this a truly remarkable, beneficial program!

Writing this is spurring so many thoughts that it is nearly impossible to write exactly what I want to say, if I can figure out exactly what I want to say. I made so many close friends that I plan to continue to collaborate with and work with. I am so thankful that I was accepted, and came, into this amazing program. Wow, this is making me sad to write…

I like to think that true friends don’t say good-bye, they just take extended leaves of absences from one another. In the near future I am absolutely certain that many of us will be work together, collaborate artistically, or just maintain regular conversation. The time us Summer High School students spent together over a month was unique, special, and advantageous in various ways. Whether we realized it or not we became a family, and created a close network of music enthusiasts that will subsist for years to come. 

This post is very unstructured, and essentially me rambling; However, my final thoughts on the program and feelings toward my family, the SHS class, is almost impossible to enter into a small text box.

I love you all,

Farewell, for now…

Spencer Light

This is absolutely crazy. It has been two days since I left NYU, and they haven’t been easy. Although I’ve been in constant communication with so many of my friends, the fact that I’m waking up without having to rush to Lauren or Bo’s class is so upsetting. When I first found out about this program, I knew that it would be really cool, but I never could have expected it to be as amazing as it was. 

Now that I’m back home, I’m consistently being asked “how was the program” but I never know how to answer it. I can say it was “amazing” or “Life changing” but those don’t even begin to describe the impact this program had on me. When I try to explain to people how amazing this program was, I get smiles and nods that clearly have no idea what I’m talking about. 

I dont think I’m going to be able to express how much this program meant to me, but I am going to try to thank everyone that was involved in making this the best summer of my entire life, and truly inspiring me to work harder every day, and not care about sleep or friends and just focus on music. 

To Noah, Sabrina, Topaz, Mike, Sedona and Lea: I love you all so much. Thank you so much for being there throughout the entire program and supporting us at every step of the journey. Whether it was giving me advice on compressing my drums, or contemplating the meaning of life, you all showed me what it really means to love music, and also showing me that I wasnt crazy for thinking about music the way I do. I know I’ve already said I love you guys, but I’m going to say it again because its true. I love you guys so much and thank you for everything. also I’m going to text all of you all the time.

To Alan, Marat, Lauren, Bo and of course John Pirretti FTS: Thank you guys so much for teaching me more than I ever would have known without you. Whether it be learning about licensing, the monetization process through Youtube, or reverse reverb, you all taught me things the are going to stick with me throughout the rest of my entire life. 

To all my friends in the program: Thank you all for really making this summer so amazing. I can honestly say that the connection I have with all of you is one thats on a whole other level than the way I connect with anyone else in my life. Thank you for talking to me even though I’m continually weird and loud. The thing I think that makes me the happiest is that I met a group of people who I genuinely want to see do amazing things, as much as I want to see that from myself. The love for music that you all have inspires me to work harder and not being around people who love music as much as you all is extremely difficult. I miss seeing you all everyday, I miss the 518 Boof Crew and most of all I miss the fact that I can talk to any of you for hours about our love of music. 

Along with all the other amazing parts of this summer, I think the thing that really impacted me the most, and the thing I had the most difficulty leaving, was the passion for music that everyone shared. The passion truly oozed from every single aspect of the program, no matter what it was. Whether it be the lack of sleep due to working on production homework, or Jamming in a room until we all got curfew violations, everyone was always happy because we were surrounded by people who felt the same way about music as we did. The fact that I was able to have an in depth conversation about one small aspect of a song with anyone in the program is one of the things I’m having the hardest time leaving. I never could have expected for me to become so close with so many people so quickly, but I think that when you share a passion with someone, you connect with them on a level that someone without that passion could never even reach. 

I really can’t figure out a way to say goodbye to everyone, so I’m not going to. You all are amazing and I know for a fact that I’m going to be seeing and working with all of you sometime in the future. There is no way I can keep away from a group of people thats as amazing as you all. I just want to say thank you to everyone again and I really love all of you

The past 4 weeks has been the most life changing and inspirational time in my life. The caliber of the staff, TA’S, and the students were incredible and I am so thankful and blessed to have been surrounded by such awesome and creative people. I have done music programs before, but none of them came close to the amount of fun and the amount of knowledge that I gained while being at Clive. This experience has also given me access to create and collaborate with people all over the country and I don’t know how I would have been able to establish those relationships without being at Clive. The familial aspect that was created here was crazy and it is something that I am never going to forget. This program also gave me the resources and access to things that I could have never imagined having and it’s something that I will cherish forever.

 The Staff

Alan, Marat, Bo, Lauren, and John Piretti (full time staff) I don’t know how all of you did it, but thank you soo much for making this the best program ever! The amount of insanely fun trips that we took astounded me and the amount of high profile guests that we had was crazy too. The things I learned in Marat, Lauren, and Bo’s class is information that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Never before have I learned so much about the music business, culture, and production than what I have learned over the past 4 weeks. I love how approachable all of you were and how open you were whenever any of us had any questions. No matter how tired I was I was always excited to go to class because of the fun and loving atmosphere that all the teachers created. I am going to take all of the information that you gave me and I am looking forward to applying it as I continue to find my way in this industry. Thank you all so much!


Where do I begin! All of you guys were so awesome and it was really cool to be surrounded by such talented people. I really admire and look up to you all and thank you so much for being so receptive to any questions that I may have had and being there just to talk. You guys were great and I am so grateful that I got to know you.

 To 34 most amazing people on earth I am so happy that I got to know you all and witness how insanely talented and creative you all are. Being able to share and connect with people who share the same love for something as me was incredible. Back home I never connected with anyone over music as much as I did here and I am so grateful that I was able to have that experience. It was great to be able to share music with everyone in such a loving and judgmental free environment and I want to thank you all for that. I’m going to miss you all so much and I can’t wait to see where you all go in life. Keep on hustlin and I’ll see you all later. 

So, for the past couple of days, I’ve felt kind of odd about being home. I’ve woken up really early every morning as I usually do, but once I get out of bed, I realize that I have no classes or studio sessions to attend. This fact alone is enough to bum me out for the rest of the day. Then I realize there’s no more jam time in a multi-million dollar studio with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life. Also a huge bummer. I went swimming yesterday and I looked around at my town that was not in resemblance of NYC at all. In fact, I could say its aesthetic is vastly inferior to that of NYC, in addition to its vastly inferior every other thing. So, I just kinda sit around with these thoughts in the back of my mind and it sucks.

I had some of the craziest, most intense, most memorable experiences of my life at ReMu. And I was there for a month, dog. If that doesn’t convince someone who’s on the fence about this program, I honestly don’t know what else to tell you.

I’m just gonna skip to addressing everyone before this post gets too long. I could go on forever about this.

To the teachers: I’d like to thank you guys for providing me with so much knowledge about the music industry and its workings. I thought it was really great how you were all so open for questions and were so willing to explain something for someone who didn’t understand the concept. So, yeah, you guys are awesome, keep doing your thing.

To the TAs: Yoooo, I don’t even know how to start this section. The TA’s are all SICK at  what they do. If I had to describe their job, it would probably just boil down to ‘professional badass’ cause THAT’S WHAT IT SEEMED LIKE. All of you are awesome people, musicians, role models. Keep making music cause you’re all dope. Keep jamming out in the computer lab cause those speakers have SO MUCH bass and its sick. Keep coming up clutch with song selections, too, cause the Freddie Gibbs verse in Old English was exactly what I didn’t know that I wanted to hear at that moment in time (you know who you are). Anyway, you are all cool. Peace.

To my new friends:  You should all know that every one of you left an impact on me. I took that back with me when I left NY, and its something that I realized that I really needed. I didn’t really know that I needed it, but by some strange coincidence, I got what I needed out of NYU. I have newfound relationships with people from all over the world who are all so diversified in their talents and their personalities, yet they all manage to sort of blend together with each other easily. It was just so wild, understanding that there are these types of people out there. It really expanded my view on the world and myself. And you guys have made me as confident and determined as ever about this music thing, I really think that one day that a lot of us could reunite through those kind of circumstances. Anyway, I value all of you and I value the fact that you all took the time to place value on me. Stay in touch, my nyu dawgs.

I want to thank everybody involved in my experience at NYU wholeheartedly for making this summer one of the best summers of my life.


Joe Markferding

Before my completion of the Clive Davis Summer Institute of Recorded Music, I simply considered myself a musician. I loved to play guitar and to create new music, but I didn’t realize the importance of being an entrepreneur in the music industry. Our guest speakers talked about hard work and perseverance through their daily struggles and failures. I found Billy Mann to be particularly inspirational, and I will never forget his story. The guests really made all of us realize how lucky we really are, and that will always motivate me.

I didn’t expect that I would be able to form lifelong friendships in just four weeks, but all of us in the program connected so quickly because of our similarities. I actually feel closer to many of these people than I do with some of my friends that I’ve known since birth. But that’s what can happen when 34 people with the same passions are living and working together. Even if we don’t all end up at Clive, I’m 100% positive that we will stay in touch and likely even work together in the future. All of you are so talented and driven, and I’ve learned so much from you as a whole. 

The TA’s were amazing to learn from and I’m going to miss them so much. Mike, I’m going to miss your enthusiasm with helping us on our projects (and watching you dance). Sedona, you were always so available and easy to talk to, and helped encourage us to be individuals. Noah, talking to you changed my view of electronic music. You made me appreciate the musicianship that goes into composing an EDM song, and that will change the way I look at music. Lea and Sabrina, I connected with both of you in the first week, and you really made me feel comfortable at Clive and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in the program. I feel in debt to all of you and will always appreciate what you’ve done for me. 

The teachers were so available and insightful, and I learned so much in such a short period of time. Lauren, you were instrumental in my understanding of the music industry as a whole. The resources you provided for us will be helpful throughout my entire life, and you helped me understand how to make good and bad decisions in the music industry. Bo, I seriously cannot thank you enough for how quickly you taught us the ins and outs of recording studios, and how to use Logic. In the past I would tweak with settings of my recordings, but I really didn’t know how to make myself and others sound better. I now feel like I can put together great sounding tracks within the confines of my home, and that is going to be immensely helpful for my future musical endeavors. John FTS! I can’t thank you enough for being so hands-on with us in the mixing process, and you helped transform our productions from good to great. I also appreciated your openness about the early stages of your career, and how difficult it is to climb up the latter at a recording studio. That really helped me to understand what it takes to make it in the industry, and how hard work pays off. I also wanted to thank Eren Cannatta, who was so helpful in the songwriting process. He helped me to understand the importance of structure in songs, and how a song can be written anywhere, on anything. Marat, you did the impossible with your scheduling of the most incredible fieldtrips. Between seeing Bruno Mars backstage, meeting some of the most influential people I’ve ever spoken to, and seeing all of the professional studios, it was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. I now understand the importance of twitter, tumblr, and the other areas of social media. It is the easiest and most inexpensive way to gain a fan base, and I hadn’t yet realized its full potential. You also taught us how to build our brand as entrepreneurs, and you’ve given me a sense of direction that I never had before. 

I also want to thank my team, Margot, Ali, and Benny. You were all a lot of fun to work with, and I’m so proud of the song we made. Margot, keep on working hard and I know that you can be a successful manager. Ali, your voice is amazing and you took our song to another level with it. Benny, I know that we will continue working together for a long time, and the hours we spent in the studio connected us as friends and as musicians. I think all of us could really continue to make amazing music.

I also have to thank my Jam buddies, Antony, Dayne, and Joaquin. I could not wait for jam time to commence at 6:30 because we had some of the greatest jams of my life. We fed off of each other’s energy like I have never experienced with other musicians my age. We always knew when to play with more intensity and to change dynamics, and were just always on the same page. You guys are so talented and I really hope that we can get together and play more in the future.

It’s upsetting that we had to leave NYU, but this should be seen in a positive light. It just speaks to how amazing the program was, and how amazing the people were to work with. I feel incredibly motivated to take what we learned, and apply it to my future works. The information we were given is so valuable because it sets us apart from all of the other upcoming musicians and entrepreneurs who might not understand the industry quite as well. I know that everyone in this program will be successful in finding a place in the music industry, and I am forever grateful of what this program has offered me.

So thanks to all of you for everything, and I’ll see you soon.

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting too much coming into ReMu.  I knew that we’d go see some studios and meet some interesting guest speakers, and the tumblr was hinting about Bruno Mars and Hot 97, so I was excited to see what we were in for, but I never could have predicted how this summer affected me.  From the soundcheck party, to getting to play our group song at Jungle City, to life changing post dinner chats, I have shared more incredible experiences in the past four weeks with you guys than I’ve ever had in my life.  I think this is why we all bonded so well and why back home it’ll be so different because I’ve never really connected with people at this level before.  However, I can’t look at the end of the program and be sad because truthfully I’m not, instead I’m teeming with excitement.  To know that I now have so many of the tools I need to get to where I want to go in music is almost overwhelming.  To also now know that one of Joe’s synth solos, or Dayne’s chords, or Benzi’s drum patterns, or Emma’s voice are only a dropbox share away,  I can only think of how lucky I am that I was able to meet such talented people here.  I just want to say thank you to all of you guys for being such great friends and people.

TA’s:  You guys are the music loving older siblings I never had.  I had to constantly remind myself that you guys are only two and three years older than us because your knowledge of and passion for music would convince me otherwise at least three times a day.  I definitely learn a ton about production and DAW’s in a classroom setting, but I found that having you guys over our shoulders whenever we needed you, telling us not just what to do, but also why to do it, was so much more beneficial.  Also, seeing your drive in music and how much you know, while being so close in age to us, was more motivating than I can even explain.  Now that I’ve seen how much I can know in just two years, I am so excited to learn as much as I can and hopefully be at your level by the time I’m your age, so thank you so much for all of your help, and thank you for inspiring me to go perfect my craft.

Marat, Lauren, and Bo:  I’m definitely one of those kids that sits in some classes at school and thinks, “I get why they teach this, but it’s just not for me,” and I can easily say that that thought didn’t cross my mind once in the past four weeks.  Before ReMu, I had no clue that using the right hashtags would lead to more traffic on my twitter and tumblr, or that I could make money every time my songs were played in a cafe, or that subtractive EQ would even work.  I can hardly believe how much I’ve learned from you all in such a short period of time, but I think it comes from how relevant you made all of your classes and the fact that we could go back to our dorms and immediately implement whatever we learned that day.  With all that being said, I just want to say thank you so much one last time and that I can’t wait to start using everything I’ve learned from you in the upcoming weeks.

Friends:  Once again, I’m at a loss for words.  You guys are some of the funniest, most down to earth and talented people I know.  I’ve learned just as much about myself and about music from you guys than I have from the TA’s and teachers.  It was so incredible to meet people my age who think about music the same way that I do and who I can talk to whenever I want to get feedback or help, or just to say what’s up.  Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget you guys because, like I said earlier, we’ve shared too many unbelievable experiences.  From squashing, to Bruno, to hearing unreleased Bronson and Asher, to pop-punk hour, and to just the 518 experience, these were things that I would have cherished had I been on my own, but they were made so much better because of who was with me when they happened. Thank you guys so much for being the final piece of the puzzle these past four weeks, it was you all who made it truly special.  I love you.

I’m sorry if I missed anyone, but my mind is spinning now thinking of the past month.  Once again I really don’t think this encompasses just how grateful I am, but all I can say is thank you all for everything, this has been a truly life changing experience.  

-Andrew Basile

On the first day of our time together, the REMU faculty promised us that this program would change our lives. I assumed “change our lives” was being used as an expression of excitement; exaggeration to hype us all up. It took less than a week for me to realize the sincerity of these introductory words. This program has changed my life, and it will remain a part of me forever. 

Ms. Davis, Marat, Alan, Bo, and John Pirretti, as well Eren Cannata, Kenn Hicks, and Bob Power, by sharing with us your knowledge and experiences you taught us so much. You did so much more than just tell us about the industry, you immersed us in it. You welcomed us with love and open arms and made the program more fantastic than anything I could have imagined before my arrival. You organized, planned, and scheduled so many amazing speakers and events. Every single one of them was wonderful and enriching. Your made sure our classes were always interesting and engaging.Thank you also to our workshop teachers I cannot thank you enough. 

Noah, Sedona, Lea, Sabrina, Topaz, and Mike, you had just as much, if not more, of an impact on my experience as the faculty did. As new students, I remember looking around at each other on the first day wondering “do we really get to hang out with these guys??”. You taught us so much, both in and out of the studio, but most importantly you were our family. You made us feel comfortable and at home, you were there to laugh with us, you offered us shoulders to cry on, you supported us through our struggles, and you cheered us on through our successes. You were the best role models we could have asked for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You inspired me more than I can successfully convey with words. You showed me the person I have the potential to become. I am honored to think of you as my friends.

Thank you to all my peers as well. I knew coming into the program that I was going to meet some amazing kids, but each of you blew my expectations out of the water. Being surrounded my so much enthusiasm, camaraderie, shared interest, and talent for a month was an incredible experience. My only regret of the program was that I was not able to really get to know, and collaborate individually with each of you. I truly hope we stay in touch. If any of you are in New England let me know. 

I love you all. I feel like my compass needle has stopped spinning and found true North. Who knows where my path will lead, but at least I have a direction. Each of you has given me so much and made this past month one of the most memorable and important of my life. 

- Ben Thut

I was driving to go say hi to a few of my friends and had the NY Marauders playing on my IPod, and when my one friend asked “who sings this” I told her the NY Marauders and she went to search them on ITunes. It’s so difficult for me to fully absorb how talented all of you are, and that I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to collaborate with you. I’ve literally had every group’s song in a playlist on replay, and I just continue to be amazed at what we all accomplished. Trying to find the right words to express exactly how I feel in this post is almost as hard as it was to leave all of you. When people ask me if it was as good as I expected I don’t know what else to do but laugh. I couldn’t have even imagined that these past four weeks would’ve been what they were.

From my 9 mental breakdowns leading up to the end of the program to the many more followed from being at home it’s truly hit me how powerful music can be. Being surrounded by 34 people who all share your same passion, with an array of talents all reaching towards one goal is a feeling that just can’t be explained. At times I found myself asking, what the hell did I do to deserve all of this. I’ve not only gained a broader sense of self, but also a new appreciation for relationships. Every awesome idea we all came up with could’ve never been executed without collaboration. I think the most important thing I learned from the past four weeks is that you learn more from other people than you ever will from yourself. There’s a difference between loving music so much and hoping to make something of it, and being a part of a unit that’s told they will accomplish something with it. It was so life changing to be constantly told that we were the future of the music industry. People genuinely wanted us to be successful, and the more I think about that aspect I realize that it’s not about coming home and being sad that everything’s over. It’s about living up to all of our amazing professor’s and TA’s and guest speaker’s expectations, and showing them that they were damn right to believe in us. This program gave us literally every resource anyone could’ve ever asked for, but it was how we took advantage of those resources that made the difference in sculpting the final outcome of our projects. This program has taught me that if you want something you better get your ass to work, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Thank you to all of the incredible people that made this journey something that changed me as a person forever. I love my snuggle buddies, boof squad, room 518, The Vibe, and all of my 34 new family members. We’ll be back. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later. 

I never could have imagined the experience I would get from this summer before I left for New York. Every single day something amazing happened that left me wondering what more amazing things could possibly happen? But there was always something new to compete with the awesomeness of the previous day. I had never been away from home for this long and I wasn’t sure what it would be like but I wasn’t homesick once. Almost right away, the dorms became home and everyone in ReMu became family. I couldn’t imagine a better group of friends, TAs, and faculty to work with side by side for the last four weeks. There is so much talent and opportunity in our little family. I was so impressed by every single person I met. Speaking of that, all the amazing people we met during post dinner chats or class guests or studio visits and I don’t know I think we met this pretty cool guy at his concert?? 

But the people who talked to us were so inspirational and I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to hear from them. 

I can’t even sum up most of how I felt about this program in words. I wasn’t sure how it would be but I was more than thoroughly impressed and I would do it again forever if I could. 

But to end, I just want to thank our amazing professors Marat, Lauren, and Bo for teaching us so much. Especially Bo for having patience with our less than perfect attempts at making beats and understanding Logic. I learned SO many things I didn’t even know were out there to learn and I will be forever grateful for that. 

I also want to thank Alan, or as we have now started to call him Mama Alan. Without his amazing abilities to plan and organize none of these incredible things could have happened. 

Of course our wonderful TAs, Sedona, Sabrina, Lea, Mike, Topaz, and Noah. You guys were so great and you were ALWAYS there when we needed help even at 2am. We could not have gotten a better group of big brothers and sisters to guide us through these four weeks. 

And lastly, my amazing and super talented friends who became family in just a few days. I will miss all of you so much and we need to keep in touch. I can’t wait to see where we all go and who we become but I’ve been so lucky to get to know all of you. 

So to everyone, thank you. This was the experience of a lifetime and it couldn’t have been so great without every single one of you. It may be over now but the family we formed never will be. I’m sure I’ll see you guys soon!